About The Founder

. Sadaf Jamal

Sadaf Jamal laid the foundation of MNIC in 2014. It started off as helping the diverse population of women in GTA achieve their health goals in safe spaces without compromising their identity and values. Early on, MNIC’s fitness services catered to the cultural and faith sensitivities of only women. However, today, MNIC has bloomed to be a leading provider of mental health care and psychotherapy to people of all backgrounds through its Healing Hearts Counselling services.

Working with women of diversity made Sadaf realize the need in underrepresented communities for a holistic well-being that integrates their cultural and faith dimensions in both their physical and mental health care. Sadaf recognized such services would promote inclusivity and reduce the risk of cultural misunderstandings and insensitivity. Hence, she decided to pursue her Masters in Psychotherapy and Spiritual Care from University of Toronto. She graduated with Breckenridge scholarship and most promising student award.

Sadaf is now a Registered Psychotherapist certified with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. She is a certified Spiritual Care Practitioner from Canadian Association of Spiritual Care. She is a certified CanFit Pro Group Fitness Instructor. She is pursuing her PhD in culturally and spiritually integrated psychotherapy from University of Toronto. Sadaf hopes to bring evidence-based research for MNIC in efforts to enhance its mental health care services for communities of diversity in Canada. Sadaf believes that incorporating cultural and faith perspectives into therapy allows individuals to feel understood, validated, and supported in their unique experiences and beliefs. Sadaf supports MNIC in its vision of encouraging people to improve their confidence in their culture, faith, identity, and heritage.

Sadaf has received Leading Woman Building Communities awards from House of Commons of Canada and Province of Ontario. She is recognized by Jack Layton’s Award for her community services by Dr. Roz Healing Place – an empowerment center for abused women and children. Toronto Public Health (TPH) supported MNIC’s community building initiatives with Investment in Youth Engagement (IYE) grants. She is also a recipient of Entering Theological Scholarship from University of Toronto. Sportchek Canada recognized Sadaf as a “Move Maker” who is changing the narrative around what fitness means to Canadians. Sportchek invited her to share her narratives as a visible Muslim woman in their campaign of “Find What Moves You”.

Sadaf leads educational workshops on improving physical, mental and spiritual health for MNIC. “Turn Struggles into Strengths” was MNIC’s mental health project financially supported by TPH for marginalized youth. The workshops for youth have been on significant issues such as self-esteem, identity crisis, cyber bulling, social media, tobacco prevention, sexual and drug abuse, suicide and a variety of mental health topics.

She likes to play badminton and has a gold medal in the women’s doubles tournament. She is fond of horses and learning to become an Equine Assisted Therapist. Skydiving from 14000 ft. above the ground somewhat helped her with her fear of heights. Sadaf is a wife, mother, student, teacher, volunteer and a simple human being, trying to leave a beneficial social footprint after her!